Every high school student looks forward to attending their prom, but what if financial constraints keep them for participating?

Introducing Lou-Anne Wheeler-Hood, a Rigaud resident who initiated a charitable organization called “A Promise for Prom” from the basement of her home. Her goal was to provide underprivileged students with the appropriate attire to attend prom. Over the years, she has collected countless gowns, suits, accessories and shoes for the charity and has loaned these items to students free of charge. Due to a medical condition, Lou-Anne has been forced to close her beloved shop.

Upon announcing the news of the closure on Facebook, many West Island schools accepted the invitation to open a branch under their roof, taking in much of what Lou-Anne has been housing over the years. Thanks to the enthusiastic collaboration of Laval Senior Academy principal, Dena Chronopoulos, A Promise for Prom will have a new branch in Laval on Souvenir Blvd. Students in the Montreal, Laval or North Shore regions who would like to borrow formal wear can come visit the boutique (by appointment only) and hopefully leave with a sense of excitement about the upcoming end-of-year ball!

“This program will help to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety students have regarding their preparations for graduation and transition out of high school,” says Laval Senior Academy`s Community Development Agent, Katrina Driver. “The focus and attention on this major event can become overwhelming when students and subsequently their families, feel pressure to invest so much financially in this single event. Expenses add up quickly and anxiety is bound to be present when considering the future costs of living and higher education upon graduation.”

Community Involvement

A Promise for Prom is counting on the generosity of the members of the Laval Community for donations of gently-used gowns, suits, and accessories. Gowns of all styles and sizes are welcome, and must be in good condition and still fashionable (preferably less than 10 years old).

In addition, the organization would greatly appreciate sponsors in the following areas: dry cleaning, hair dressing, makeup artists, manicurists and florists. If you are a business owner, please consider getting involved with this great cause which will directly benefit local youth!

Let’s work together to make all prom dreams come true!

Laval Senior Academy is located at 3200, Souvenir Blvd. in Chomedey Laval. To make an appointment or to arrange to make a donation, please contact us at apromiseforpromlaval@hotmail.com