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Update to My Article

Hello again! As promised, here is a brief update to my article:

Readers of Laval Families Magazine will recall that I was waiting with even more intensity and bated breath this past Summer, for the conclusion of the investigation of the office of the Protecteur du citoyen, re. the matter of my younger son Alessio being denied his rightful place at the specialized pre-Kindergarten of the CRDI N-L, L'Etincelle. Well, the investigation was concluded and the investigator's report was issued on August 23, 2012.

I cried when I read the investigator's conclusion in his truly well articulated, well balanced report, for he concluded unequivically that Alessio and the other seven! Anglophone children on the waiting list for L'Etincelle had suffered a prejudice and that they must be rendered these services to which they are entitled to receive and this in the English language! He then went on in his report to cite the CRDI N-L with three formal recommendations; as well as one of the Agence de sante et services sociaux de Laval, namely to support the CRDI N-L in all of its efforts to ensure that the Anglophone children are serviced in as timely a manner as possible. The deadline imposed to respond to these recommendations was September 30, 2012.

Meanwhile, a copy of his report was forwarded to all of the "powers that be" at both the CRDI N-L and the Agence de sante et services sociaux de Laval. Namely to the Presidents of the Boards of Directors; the Directors General as well as the local Commissioners of both of these institutions. What also occurred was a series of meetings involving several key members of the upper management of both of these institutions. The last of which was held on September 24, 2012 whereby it was formally put on the table that the five of the eight Anglophone children, who are four years of age (like my son Alessio) would enter L'Etincelle in November 2012! So now, with many rounds of phonecalls later, we are in the final stage, still awaiting Ministerial approval from the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) for the region of Laval, in terms of all of the priorities that have been identified; none of which is more pressing than these five Anglophone children, who are four years of age and who otherwise will lose their only opportunity for this intervention!

I am reminded of the investigator's recent words of encouragement to me, as to not underestimate the impact that his report, in response to my complaint has had. And once again I am compelled to share with you all to think of the big picture and how our strength lies in coming together, to advance the greatest cause that ever was, the rights of our special needs children. I look so forward to Alessio assuming his rightful place at L'Etincelle, next month, alongside his four other very special friends!

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