As we enter senior years, nutritional needs change accordingly. Seniors are more prone to health problems, so a healthy diet becomes more important. Certain foods and the addition of some herbs can help prevent some diseases before they start. Many herbs that are used to maintain good health can be easily grown indoors. Herbs can also be used to liven up a bland dish and help seniors to retain a healthy appetite. Additionally, many seniors find indoor gardening pleasurable and an interesting hobby year-round.

It’s easy to grow herbs indoors. You can use your own plants that were planted outdoors or simply visit your local grocery store and choose the herbs you think you would enjoy most. You can even choose herbs to complement your personalized cooking style: Italian favourites include basil and oregano, French cooking uses marjoram and tarragon, while cilantro and chives enhance Mexican food.

The benefits of growing an indoor herb garden for seniors include adding healthy ingredients to your diet, saving some money and enjoying the fresh greenery that brightens up your home. Maybe you can make herb growing a social event with friends by growing and sharing different types of herbs. You can also exchange recipes that use your favourite herbs. Invite a friend or two over for dinner to taste the flavourful, unique dishes that you have created by using the herbs you have grown in your indoor garden.

Just remember that herbs require consistent watering and a window with bright sunlight. An ideal spot would be in your kitchen. Fresh herbs smell wonderful and look pretty. Be sure not to let your herbs dry out. Give them tender loving care to nurture them.

Herbs to Try
Rosemary is a snap to grow and smells heavenly. It can be added to soups, stews, and potatoes. It pairs beautifully with meat, especially lamb. Brew a healthy, delicious pot of rosemary tea. Did you know that rosemary helps to improve memory in seniors? Rosemary bushes are also available at many stores, particularly during the holiday season.

Thyme and mint aid in digestion. Mint tea is delicious and fresh mint leaves can be used to complement a lamb dish or used as a garnish for dessert. Thyme contains minerals and vitamins that are essential for overall wellness. Use thyme when cooking poultry, in a stuffing recipe or to add flavour to a soup. Marjoram and oregano help improve the condition of hair and skin. Savory leaves have antioxidant properties and help reduce bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol levels. Basil is delicious when served atop fresh tomatoes, or in a pesto or pasta recipe. Basil also helps eliminate blemishes and relieves stress. Sipping fresh basil tea is a wonderful way to destress.

Check out your local grocery store, choose your favourite herbs and start your very own herb garden. Look after your herbs and they will look after you.