At Laval Families Magazine, we want to make a difference in people's lives, including those less fortunate than us.

Laval Families Magazine is actively involved in the community through not-for-profit organizations, educational foundation and community and corporate partnerships.


On Print and Online:
We have dedicated specific features in our Laval Families Magazine, such as Community Connection, Family Resource Directory and Laval Families Care.

The Laval Families Resource Directory is a comprehensive information resource of service organizations and programs for the Laval and North Shore area. It will be available in print from Laval Families publications and as a searchable on-line database on the Laval Families Magazine web site. Unique, complete and innovative, the Laval Families Resource Directory is modeled to evolve and become your favorite Resource Directory.


At Laval Families Magazine together with community and corporate partnerships, our vision is to develop The Laval Families Magazine Care Projects which will be committed to improve our community, our city and our families.