Passion Soccer Camp offers the many benefits of an organized sport and the services of a day camp. The camp provides an atmosphere of fun learning and creativity without judgment, all under the supervision of positive role models. The camp’s experience is uniquely positioned to provide physical activity, kinship and develop competence and self-definition.

The Idea Behind Passion Soccer Camp
Raffaele Venturino started Passion Soccer Camp upon realizing that he needed to reform the sport of soccer. “My biggest frustration came from seeing kids in a sport association without the proper coaching for the sport,” says Venturino. He was inspired to change the mentality of the children who were leaving the sport because they felt they were not achieving. “They are not taught how to achieve. They get frustrated, they don’t see themselves improving or going anywhere,” he says.

Venturino created Passion Soccer Camp with the idea to implement the process of cooperation and confidence rather than competition and individual recognition. “It’s about yourself and how you grow,” says Venturino. There are no expectations related to age and skill. Everyone is given the right time to advance and learn at their own pace. The proper teaching paired with patience and time will result in positive self-esteem, aspirations and achievements.

A Day at Passion Soccer Camp
Campers begin the day with a 2-hour session that includes ball exercises. The campers then break for lunch where they are provided with a variety of hot meals, all of which are healthy and energy-boosting. After lunch, the children spend the afternoon implementing the techniques from the morning in a fun activity that practices soccer skills such as: soccer tennis, soccer baseball or soccer golf. These activities emphasize the understanding of strength, distance and accuracy.

As the end of the week approaches the camp concludes with a fun game. “We try to do something fun and special for the children. For example, we have water gun fights, we had a magician come in once, we played free style soccer juggling, etc.” explains Venturino.

Overall Progress
Progress is measured through feedback and reflective discussions that the group shares over an afternoon snack. It is important for the campers to see the results of their decisions and to strengthen a belief in their abilities. Parents have also articulated high praise and appreciation for the experiences and values of the camp. "They understand what I’m doing for the kids. When the child wants to come in earlier and earlier every day that means he is enjoying himself. That to me, just shows that the child is having fun,” says Venturino. He reminds campers that they can achieve anything themselves. Some of the older kids have even asked to return the following year to work or volunteer for the camp “This is how I know it is right, because they want to be a part of it,” beams Venturino.

Through Passion Soccer Camp, Venturino wants to continue sharing his passion for soccer with the youth of the community while providing them with endless enjoyment through safe, supportive and structured teachings.

Registration for the camp is now open.