High school students often feel the pressure to be perfect. Parents, who put a lot of pressure on their teen to perform highly to keep a superb athlete track record, often don’t realize how much of a heavy burden they place on their kids.

Though graduating with honors and high GPAs are important, so is leading a balanced life. Frankly, sometimes, the pressure to perform leaves a lot of students feeling worthless because anything less than perfect is just not good enough. Many students become insecure about themselves because they feel that they have to be perfect when both failures and success should be celebrated. After all, both are part of the process of learning. It’s no wonder so many teens today feel the need to take anti-depressants. Depression and anxiety are common, and no teen should feel that way.

Some teenagers get anxious when sending out college applications and pray they got into their school of choice. What do I suggest as a cure to these issues? OPEN COMMUNICATION. Probably the best thing parents can do to avoid emotional issues is to talk about stuff openly with their kids, and really listen to them. And if they’re too scared to talk about it with their parents, then there are always teachers around, guidance counselors, uncles, aunts…people around them who care. After all, it really does take a village…..

Other simple ways for teens to let off stress is to exercise. Even going for a small jog each day helps! Going to the gym is good too. And a lot of people say yoga usually helps a lot because you meditate and become relaxed. Keeping away negative thoughts is so important.

Teens shouldn't lower their self-esteem with negative self-talk. Instead, they should try to think about things that make them happy. Be positive and understanding of those around you. Do some journal writing to let off steam, or to vent. Write down what's bothering you, what you've been busy with, and this ―believe it or not― will help you to expel your negative emotions. Life will always be full of pressure and stress, but there are ways that we can manage. Just don't give up on yourself!