Anna was a beautiful seven year-old girl who unfortunately had cancer when she was six. But do not get sad for Anna, this is not a gloomy story. Au contraire, this is a special brave story about Anna, the Wig Warrior.

Last year when Anna’s mom told her that the reason for her tiredness and headaches was a disease called cancer Anna was a little relieved that at least they knew now what was wrong with her and they could give her medicine. It was not that easy; it involved many treatments that made Anna lose all her hair.

The day before 2nd grade Anna’s mom asked her very kindly if she wanted to go to school this year. The reason she said that is because she didn’t want Anna to get bullied just because she had no hair on her head. Anna answered very quickly and yelled, “NO!” She wanted to be just like the warriors in the book she was reading.

The next morning, Anna hopped out of bed and chose her new lucky curly-haired wig. When Anna got on the school bus everyone started to stare at her like eagles. After a little bit Anna’s best friend Sophie finally asked her why she had green hair. Then Anna started to blush and told her everything. Sophie thought and thought about something. And she sat back in her seat.

A couple of days later Anna was sick of everyone asking her what is cancer, and why she wore wigs. Until one day she faked having a gigantic headache. When she got sent home her mom found out that Anna was not sick at all and asked her why she did not want to go to school that day. Anna took a deep breath and told her that it was just TOO MUCH! Then her mom explained to her that she was unique and beautiful.

In the bus the next day Sophie was wearing the craziest wig Anna had ever seen! But the question is WHY? The day after that, all her friends were wearing wigs! One blue, four red, and six green! Every day after that more and MORE people wore wigs! Until one night, Anna had an idea.

The following week she asked her mom to email the principal her brilliant idea. A note was sent home to the WHOLE school telling them that the next day there would be a cancer fund raiser! Everyone would have to wear the craziest wigs they could find and bring at least a dollar to school. The money would be for cancer research.

The next day, the gym was full of games and contests. Everyone in the school had the most awesome wigs Anna had ever seen! When you walked into the gym it looked like a clown parade. Anna felt so lucky and special that she had all these people helping her collect money for cancer research while having fun.

Even though cancer is a horrible disease, Anna did not feel unlucky. She had fought cancer like a warrior and now she was trying to help others to do the SAME!!