Canadian students are scoring higher in math and science than their global peers. Additionally, students in Quebec are among the top performers nationally. A number of variables are considered to have a positive impact on our students’ success, including teacher training, school-community partnerships, national attitude towards education, and educational resources.

As part of a provincial-wide effort to continue to improve math and science instruction in Quebec, ExploreLearning’s best of breed products, Gizmos and Reflex are now available to all students in the Anglophone school boards and private schools.

What are Gizmos and Reflex?

ExploreLearning Gizmos is the world’s largest library of interactive online simulations for math and science education in grades 3-12. Gizmos are:

  • Fun, easy to use, and help students develop a deep understanding of challenging concepts through inquiry and exploration.
  • Research-based, flexible tools used by teachers across Canada. Gizmos are ideal for small group work, individual exploration, and whole class instruction using an LCD projector or interactive whiteboard.
  • Designed to supplement existing curriculum, making them easy to integrate into your instructional program.
"I adore Gizmos, they are a great way to involve the class in neat science experiments that they may otherwise not get the chance to do. It is also a great way to practice the scientific method. I will definitely continue to use this excellent learning tool!"
Science Teacher, Riverside School Board

ExploreLearning Reflex is the most effective solution available to help students develop fluency with basic math facts (+,-, x, /). Reflex is:
  • Adaptive and individualized. Reflex continuously monitors each student’s performance to create the optimal experience for every child.
  • Effective. Across multiple grade levels and assessments, students who use Reflex are scoring higher and growing faster than their peers.
  • Easy to use. Reflex includes powerful reporting so parents and educators can easily monitor and support student progress.
  • Fun! Reflex is game-based to keep students coming back for more.
"WOW! I have seen incredible results since my students started using Reflex. My students developed a greater self-confidence and an eager attitude toward math. I'm truly enjoying this cutting edge resource with my students."
Grade 4 Teacher, New Frontiers School Board

How can you create a school-home partnership with Gizmos and Reflex?

Gizmos and Reflex can easily help enrich and remediate student learning because they can be used anywhere a child has access to the Internet and a computer or iPad. Parents can work with teachers to establish a plan or list of Gizmos that students can work on at home to reinforce concepts learned in class. And Gizmos can easily be assigned for homework during snow-days or for students that are homebound. Also, Reflex can be used at home to help students learn their math facts and prepare for higher-mathematics.

What if my students don’t have access yet?

All teachers in the Anglophone school boards and private schools should have access to ExploreLearning Gizmos for grades 3-12, and Reflex for grades 2-8.

If you are a teacher, and don’t yet have access, please contact me at 866-882-4141 x 287 (toll-free) or If you’re a parent, please ask your teachers or share this article with them.