LEARN is a non-profit educational organization whose mandate is to provide resources and services to the Quebec’s English community. We partly fulfill this mandate by providing the two valuable services described in this article.

A “FREE” ONLINE STUDENT Tutorial Service…  Student Online Support (SOS)

  • SOS is an ideal resource available to help prepare your child for exams, assignments, projects.
  • SOS provides students with free tutoring sessions 4 evenings a week.
  • These online classes happen in a safe, virtual space where students and teachers come together to work on all subjects and at all grade levels.
  • SOS students receive help from master teachers acquainted with the Quebec curriculum.
  • Easy to use and easy to register!
  • Navigation on the LEARN website is simple (www.learnquebec.ca).
  • Point and click to get wherever you want to go.
Here are a few basic steps that will allow students to register for this service:
  • Login to the LEARN website using the school board portal
  • Click on the SOS icon on LEARN’s home page
  • Decide on what you want tutoring for
  • Complete the registration form
  • Click the send button
That’s it! A confirmation of registration will be sent to you within a day or two.

HOW TO’s…quick and easy guides for students seeking help in various subject areas.
  • Go to the LEARN home page.
  • Click on the "How –to" icon
  • Various categories will appear.
  • Each section refers to activities or tasks (some in French and some in English)
  • Point and click on the activity for which the student needs support; a simple video or animation will appear.
  • Videos clips guide the student through the whole process.
The How-to service is accessible on multiple devices – available anytime and anywhere.

With services such as How-to and SOS, LEARN proves that it continues to be at the forefront of pedagogical and technological innovation in Quebec.

Looks us up at www.learnquebec.ca! You will be amazed, not only by the two services described in this article, but by the many resources and services that LEARN provides free of charge to the English speaking educational community.

Contact us for more information. info@learnquebec.ca