200,000 heart attacks can be prevented every year. You can prevent yours!

Sleep medicine is an extremely young discipline; in fact, less than 50 years old.

When sleep apnea syndrome was first described, its focus was directed towards cases of obese, sleepy individuals.

Since those early days, an avalanche is developing and that avalanche is full of the yet-to-be-diagnosed mild to moderate sleep apnoeics people for whom a CPAP is perceived as overkill by themselves and their physicians and as such remain untreated and vulnerable.

The words we use have power. The word mild implies a lack of necessity and hence a lack of urgency.

What if cancer was graded as mild, moderate or severe?

“Mrs. Smith, you have a mild case of cancer. We will just monitor your cancer until it worsens to a severe state at which time we will treat it.” Ridiculous!

A lower grade affords the ability to treat it early, to prevent its spread and ultimately an untimely demise. Can the same be said for sleep apnea? Definitely!

As dentists who have taken an active interest in sleep apnea, we have an understanding of the physiology of the head, neck and airway and we are in a prime position to screen for sleep apnea.

With an early diagnosis, Dr. Ormond and his team can help prevent symptoms such as sleepiness, headaches, depression, memory loss, restless sleep, insomnia and snoring from developing or worsening.

Sleep apnea ultimately leads to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, strokes, frequent night time urination, and a decrease interest in sex.

Did you know children can suffer from sleep apnea? These children may be hyperactive and diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive syndrome). Mayo Clinic.org

The benefits of an early diagnosis are a healthier patient who can avoid wearing a CPAP and benefit from wearing a sleek and comfortable mouth device. This keeps the lower jaw and tongue in a comfortable forward position thereby maintaining an open airway.

You may call our office to inquire about a consultation and to discuss scheduling a sleep study in the comfort of your own bed while wearing a portable device as small as a CD. The computerized results are printed up the next day and explained to you. We can also facilitate your appointment with a medical sleep specialist.

Remember 200,000 heart attacks could be prevented each year if sleep apnea was treated properly. Why not make sure that you do not suffer from mild or moderate sleep apnea?

Dr. Ormond is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. (AADSM). For more information, please consult: