Do you want more income with less tax? Would you like to switch or rebalance investments without triggering capital gains or losses? Does a flexible, customized level of income appeal to you? If so, keep reading.

Income investors and retirees face a difficult environment. Not only do traditionalincome-producing investments offer lowyields, but they are subject to a heavy taxburden.

We have a tax-efficient cash flow solution for you:


For a sustainable and tax-efficient cash flow,invest in T-Class from CI Investments. T-Classtakes advantage of the fact that different typesof income carry different tax rates. Interest (andemployment) income is taxed at the highestrate, while dividend income and capital gainsare taxed at lower rates. (See chart.)Payments in the form of return of capital(ROC) ,however, are not taxable. That’sbecause it represents unrealized gainsin your investment or the return of youroriginal capital

T-Class funds are built on CI’s Corporate Class structure, which allows for monthly payments that are 100% non-taxable return of capital . That means your after-tax cash flow will be significantly higher than with other forms of income.

T-Class provides regular monthly paymentswhile minimizing the pain of taxation. Andwith a choice of over 50 funds, representinga broad range of equity, income, balancedand portfolio funds, you can still benefitfrom the potential for growth in yourinvestments.

THE T-CLASS ADVANTAGE The difference in the after-tax value of $10,000 in income from interest, dividends, capitals gains and return of capital*

* Assumes a tax rate of 45% on interest income, 27% on Canadian dividend income and 22% on capital gains.Tax rates based on an average of the highest combined federal and provincial personal income tax rates in 2014. Return of capitaldistributions reduce the adjusted cost base or ACB of your investment. Over time, the ACB may fall to zero, in which case the monthlypayments from T-Class will be treated as capital gains – which are still taxed at more favourable rates than dividends or interest income. Pleasenote that T-Class shares may also pay a taxable annual dividend. This communication is published as a general source of information and is notintended to provide personal legal, accounting, investment or tax advice. Before acting on any of the information contained herein, please seekprofessional advice based on your personal circumstances. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may beassociated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values changefrequently and past performance may not be repeated. Paid for in part by CI Investments. ®CI Investments and the CI Investments design areregistered trademarks of CI Investments Inc.

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