Led by Mr. Gray, the Green Club at Mother Teresa Junior High completed their community garden, this past year. The gardens are found on a large parcel of land south of the teacher’s parking lot. Permission was received from material resources to cultivate the land for the purposes of growing food and plants. Financial assistance was provided from school fundraising and a generous grant from TD Friends of the Environment. TD helped us secure fencing, cedar wood, a cabana, and soil. Working with them has been easy and rewarding.

The few students and their parents who assisted were invaluable and their contributions were greatly appreciated. Thanks to Giordano and Dad Tony, and Emily for their many hours. Thanks to the many other students who donated whatever time they could spare. Mr. Boldireff (a science teacher at MTJHS) also provided many hours of manual labour and supervision. The administration at MTJHS was very supportive of this project and hopefully will inspire other green hands, Opa!

Neighbours have approached and asked if they could participate in the gardens. It seems true “build it and they will come!” Lia was an excellent recruiter. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Our teachers have been communicating effectively with one another and there are plans to use the gardens as a teaching tool (for science, geography, art, ethics, Les Brigades Cullinaires, etc.). We have plans for further expansion and other great green/ environmental projects for the school. Anyone interested in participating in the garden project is encouraged to contact the school and Mr. Gray.

We now have a way to demonstrate to local children how to grow food and the importance of pollination, respecting and protecting the environment, etc. We give them a means to reconnect with the earth. Nature deficit disorder can be eradicated if we offer these types of opportunities to all our children. We hope to inspire other schools to follow suit and have this become standard practice across our board (to begin with) and not some cute passing fad.