Unfortunately, 82% of dental patients experience some level of anxiety when they visit the dentist. However, it doesnít have to be that way Ė FDA approved Nu-Calm can make a difference!

Nu-Calm is a safe, proven system that quickly relaxes you without the use of narcotics or controlled substances. Nu-Calm changes your brainwaves from wakefulness to the first stage of sleep ―a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness like deep meditation through the use of ďunique headphonesĒ.

The treatment is as simple as 1-2-3!

1. A cream is smoothed onto your neck which contains Gamma-Amino Butyric acid (GABA) and L-Theanine. Both of these substances help relax the neurons bringing about a state of relaxation;

2. Micro current stimulation patches are placed behind your ears resulting in a soothing effect;

3. Noise-dampening earphones are placed over your ears which use a special Frequency Following Response (FFR) software, changing the frequency of the brainwaves from high functioning beta waves to pre-sleep alpha waves. The soothing music calms and relaxes you further to take your mind off the dentist. However, you can still hear the dentist and respond to voice commands during the procedure;

4. You wear black-out glasses which help block out the light and prevent you from watching what the dentist is doing.

The more stressed or anxious you are, the more profound the Nu-Calm effect will be.

Nu-Calm benefits include:

  • You can relax and not be so stressed with the dentistry process.
  • 95% of patients feel rejuvenated after their appointment and experience a profound sleep that evening.
  • You will be conscious and able to respond to voice commands; Nu-Calm is less intrusive than sedation techniques
  • Since there are no post-treatment impairments, you can come and go from dental appointments on your own.
  • There is reduced salivary flow and less gagging which promotes better dentistry as motor responses are dulled.
Fun fact:What do the Chicago Blackhawks and dentistry have in common? Nu-calm!

The 2013 and 2015 Stanley Cup champions started using Nu-Calm in 2013 for stress management and improved sleep quality! Clinique Dentaire Kavanagh et Ormond were the FIRST dental clinic in Quebec to offer the Nu-Calm experience. Come try it for yourself!

Remember: Confidence starts with a smile!

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