Another year, new beginnings! We’re starting the year strong by bringing you a wide array of articles that’ll lift your spirits.

Our Cover Story:

We kick off the year with a candid interview with Alain Trudel, conductor of L’Orchestre Symphonique de Laval, whose unique vision focuses on commitment to the community, excellence and education. Trudel sees the orchestra as a citizen of our city and our community. Through the OSL, he wants to reach as many people as possible.

Another deserving story is that of Dr. Nicole Audet, a Laval pediatrician, who won The Reader’s Favorite Bronze Medal in the animal children’s book category for Parents for Sale.

First Annual Teachers Appreciation Contest:

Teacher Appreciation Week is in the first week of February 2016, and we are honored that Desjardins-Caisse Vimont-Auteuil is the main sponsor of this event.

This contest is dedicated to all teachers for their dedication and innovative spirit.

Teacher Appreciation Contest is an opportunity to personally thank all our teachers for their commitment and contributions to the society of Quebec.

Étienne Rousseau
Directeur Générale
Desjardins-Caisse de Vimont-Auteuil

Luigi Morabito
Laval Families Magazine

Education: Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board
There is a bright horizon for bilingual students in the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board who will be proficient in both languages by the time they graduate. The Board encourages bilingual education and believe that “An English education, a bilingual future”, as their motto states.

Spring and Summer Camp:
Twelve pages filled with informative articles about summer camps.

Centre Du Sablon:
A hidden jewel in our community! This truly unique centre is open and available to literally everyone within the community, and that also includes people who have mild to severe disabilities.

New Themes:

Educaloi: Helping Citizens Understand Their Rights and Responsibilities
Educaloi is a registered charity founded in 2000. It is a leader in the movement to improve access to justice in Quebec. One of their core activities is explaining the law to Quebecers in everyday language.

Laval 2035: urban in nature – urbaine de nature
A new theme that LFM will be featuring in order to explain what makes up this community’s DNA: LIVELY in Nature, ATTRACTIVE in nature, HUMAN in nature, ENTERPRISING in nature, COMMITTED in nature.

As the Mayor of Laval, Mr. Marc Demers said: “At the beginning of its 50th year, Laval is enjoying rapid growth, with more and more people, businesses and organizations on its territory. Such vast development is brining big changes and giving rise to challenges, for which we intend to adopt innovative solutions.

Laval Families Magazine and its entire family team wish you and your family a year filled with peace, love, joy, success and lots of laughter everyday!

Luigi Morabito
Editorial Manager