When children go to camp, they learn a lot about themselves and others. The experience is extremely beneficial, even well after the camp ends.

Spring & Summer camps provide a lot of opportunities for youngsters to grow as individuals because the experience is full of novelty. While all of this newness can be scary at first, it is an opportunity for children to move beyond their fears and learn how to be resilient. Children grow as a result of tackling new challenges and being proud of what they could accomplish. As a past camp counsellor, I’ve witnessed this firsthand.

Being at camp is an occasion for children to develop personality traits that will be useful for the rest of their lives, such as courage and responsibility. The experiences at camp can be challenging, but they also expand a child’s capabilities.

Camp is a wonderful place to develop skills and passions. This includes anything from canoeing at Edphy International camp to astronomy at the Cosmodôme camp. It makes children experience activities that they normally wouldn’t try with their friends or families.

Camp offers opportunities for children to be physical and forgo screens in order to live in the moment. Outdoor camps help children to develop a lifelong relationship with nature, in order to help keep them grounded and in sync with the universe.

Camps are also an excellent place to learn about teamwork. Campers are part of a group that is bigger than themselves and they learn how to collaborate with others. This offers an excellent way for children to polish their social skills as they develop relationships.

Camps bring children outside of their comfort zone. But every kid is unique, so it is important to listen to your child’s needs when picking a camp for him or her. For example, as a kid, I generally didn’t like day camps. I was lucky to have summer camp experiences in my early teens that made me realize overnight camps were better for me. A few years later, I became a summer camp counsellor and spent my summers in the countryside.

In order to make an informed decision, it is important to talk to your child and ask what excites them and pushes their limits comfortably.

Whatever the final choice of camp may be, all of the values that children learn at camp will be valuable throughout their life.