Another school year has begun and my teacher has already assigned us to read in front of the class…

Oh no! My turn has arrived, and I begin to sweat as my heart started to race
Wishing to be non-existed as I stand, my skin flushed feeling a lot paler on my face

Like a cloud that covers the sun
But, all I could see is my failure and once again, my non-perseverance has won

The words float before my eyes and I realize
That the words I see, I cannot recognize

It seems that I cannot focus, nor grasp the words as my classmates stare and wait for me to speak

Here we go again, the giggles begin as they see me troubled and at this very moment I cannot help feeling so useless and weak

I feel that I could no longer read on as their laughing smirks fill my head
So I ask the teacher, “Please, let someone else read instead?”

Finally, that famous bell has rung for me to depart; I am so glad this day is done
Even though I know the worse is yet to come

As the bus drives away, I think to myself
“Why am I this way?”

I feel relieved as I am home at last
I walk through the doorway and my mother asks

“How was your day?”
I stared in her eyes as I broke down to cry, please let it all go away

- Poem written by our student with Learning Difficulties!

As promised, my mom has found the help I needed. It helped me to overcome my fear to read, gave me the perseverance and self-confidence that I had lost and not to mention, gave me hope again with much more…

Thank you, Rosa & Patricia from H.O.P.E. Resource Centre. You will always be part of my heart!