The Société d’aide au développement des collectivités (SADC) des Laurentides now has special funding to invest in businesses operated by the English-speaking community in the Laurentians.

The SADC des Laurentides is a non-profit organization supported by Canada Economic Development for the past 30 years. Its mission is to promote and foster, through its initiatives and implication, the well-being and social and economic prosperity of the community. The SADC offers its clientele a wide range of services, including technical support, corporate financing, business mentorship, sustainable development coaching, as well as participation in local development projects. Guided by values of professionalism, responsibility and efficiency, the SADC favours a personalized approach in its client and partner relationships, responding to both the individual and the collective needs of the community.

The financial services team, supported by members of the Investment Committee, is extremely strong and draws upon solid experience. They offer assistance and coaching to businesses and organizations. The support covers all stages of a project, from the initial start-up through to successful operations: business creation, acquisition, expansion, consolidation, recovery, etc. All projects financed by the SADC des Laurentides include a personalized follow-up by one of their experienced consultants. “Now, more than ever, our approach focuses on management counselling. We believe in our clients and they believe in us,” explains Sylvie Bolduc, general manager at the SADC.

In an effort to solidify the Laurentians as a green region while, above all, satisfying societal needs and values increasingly oriented towards sustainable development, the SADC offers sustainable development consulting. Another service worth mentioning is the Mentor Unit, which has a team of 17 mentors with a variety of expertise. Mentoring is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to ensure the success of a business: 73% of businesses that are mentored survive their first five years of operation, compared to only 37% of businesses that are not mentored.

The SADC participates in a number of decision-making bodies and works continuously to collaborate with and strengthen ties to their partners. They see their active contribution and commitment to local development as a driving force in regional economic growth. “At the SADC, we firmly believe that citizen involvement is a critical building block in the organization’s sustainable and democratic development,” says Bolduc. “The time and energy volunteered by the members of our Board of Directors, Investment Committee and Mentor Unit ensures strong leadership and makes up the very DNA of the organization that serves businesses and the community.”

The SADC des Laurentides offers many services, all available in English, as well as lots of interesting English tools and documents on their website at: Entrepreneurs wanting more information can contact a member of their team at 450-229-3001 or 888-229-3001.