They are entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs or administrators and demonstrate without doubt their willingness to participate in the creation of wealth. You know them. They are your grocer, your soccer coach, the manufacturer of your tires, the architect of your condo and your neighbor. Businesses are an integral part of the landscape of your neighborhood and your living environment. Laval brings together more than 11 000 companies on its territory.

These are innovative companies that are as productive in manufacturing, retail, services and social economy sectors, as they are in tourism. They play an essential role in the economy of the region and Quebec as a whole. Their effort, involvement and contribution to the economic and social dynamics must be highlighted. That is why every year the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Laval (CCIL) organizes a large competition which ends with a celebration worthy of the Oscars, where the finalists and winners are at the forefront.

Now in its 36th edition, the Dunamis Competition continues to mobilize the entrepreneurial environment in Laval and breathes into it new energy every year. The impact on the employees of such a recognition is significant. It recognizes the work of these men and women and highlights their leadership and involvement within the community. They are behind the exceptional performance of the company. These entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals develop business models and implement action plans that contribute to reducing negative impacts on the environment. They also increase the well-being of the community in general. The companies contribute to the international awareness of the products and services of our region. They export the Lavallois and Quebecois know-how to other continents.

Entrepreneurs must put in place the means to ensure their growth and survival, without forgetting that sooner or later, they must think about who will take their place—who will ensure the continuity of their project after their retirement. They create value by investing either through an expansion, a merger or an acquisition. They welcome and train the new generation of business people. They inspire the new entrepreneurs who in turn, will become remarkable. They take risks in innovating their processes, marketing, design of product or through the use of information technology. We must also recognize the organizations that serve the community with their contributions toward the improvement of the quality of life.

For all these accomplishments, let us be proud of our companies in Laval and the people behind them who serve the common good.