The CCIL interviews Leila Aksiman, who is trained as a Civil Engineer, is a HACCP Certified Auditor (food sector), a Certified MAPAQ Consultant and a CPMT Accredited Trainer.

Leila, tell us about who you are.

Simply a citizen of this world, proud mother of two boys, passionate about my area of expertise, and determined to give back to this life. This may seem esoteric, but I believe in the following: if each and every one of us gives our all, it will have a resounding impact not only on our own lives but on our surroundings as well. As such, I focus on my strengths for the common good, hence my involvement in the CCIL, the RFAQ and in parent committees.

As an entrepreneur with a family life, a social life and a demanding career, what does “community” mean?
I have often said the Chambre de commerce and its business community adopted me, from the very first event in which I participated. I have seen how the business people in Laval are generous with their time and their good advice. For me, I not only have my little family, I also have a much larger business family, and my family of citizens and neighbours.

In 2017, in the digital era, how do you foresee the growth of the Laval business community in the next 20 years?
The shift to digital is essential to all business people, no matter whether they are in the service industry, the sales industry, an NGO or any other sector. Developing a digital presence on social media and online sales are no longer a luxury: they are vital. In fact, I am in the service sector for food manufacturers and even I have found a way of offering products online. To attain sustainability on the market, there must be neither geographic limits, nor technical nor other constraints. For me, the sky is NOT the limit. The only limit is the creative capacity of our mind.

The Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Laval has existed for the past 50 years. What does your involvement in the CCIL mean for you?
I threw myself into business with the determination to make it and succeed. Since I knew very little about the world of business, I knew I had to learn more about the field. I knew I would have to become a member of the CCIL and potentially other networks. It took only a few months before I was involved in the committees of the CCIL. And why? Because Laval has a great source of wealth: the quality of its business people and unexploited business opportunities. I firmly believe in the blossoming of this community both in the present and in future generations.