It's winter! Time for great comfort food. I love the slow cooker because you can virtually put anything in there in the morning, and it smells so good in the house when you get back from work! And you are sure to have a tasty meal. If you don't have a slow cooker, you can use a heavy casserole that goes in the oven such as Le Creuset, or simply put the meat in aluminum foil and season it to your taste. The trick with aluminum foil is to use the heavy duty one because if all the meat juices come out through even the tiniest of leaks, you don't have the same result. Here is my favorite recipe for weekdays when I know I won't have time to cook dinner for some reason (usually some activity requiring me to do the taxi for the kids...)
Easiest Yummiest Nutrition Familia Pork chops


  • 1 Family pack of 8 pork chops, with the bones (the bones really add taste to the final result)
  • 1 can of tomato soup, condensed (do NOT reconstitute with water)
  • 2 onions
  • Pepper


Put the chops in the slow cooker or on a large sheet of aluminum foil in a baking pan (deep enough for avoiding a mess if the foil unfortunately breaks). Pour the can of condensed tomato soup on top of the chops. Put the onions on top. Add pepper to taste. That's how simple it is!

Cook slowly until the chops are very very tender, which usually takes at least 6 hours, but that depends on the cooking method and the thickness of the chops. If you are cooking it in the oven, a temperature of 275F for 6 hours will usually do it. Serve with potatoes, rice or noodles and you have a complete balanced meal.

Once you get used to your own equipment and products and adjust the recipe accordingly, you will succeed in making an exquisite delight out of this extremely basic recipe. No one will believe it when you tell them how simple it is. You can experiment with various herbs and spices too! Add fresh thyme, chives, oregano or rosemary or try a more exotic twist with a little garam masala or even chili pepper. The possibilities are endless with the slow cooker. You can vary the flavour of the soup too. Cream of leek, mushroom, cream of chicken...You can even add cheese on top, replace the tomato soup with a can of cream broccoli and put chicken instead of pork.With beef, all you need to do is add a pouch of onion soup on top. Try your own recipes!