Julie Maluorni, a mother of three children aged 16, 13 and 10, never intended to make new friends or create bonds with the other women at 30 Minute Hit in Laval. She needed a physical activity that would fit into her hectic schedule, and though she has lost 45 pounds since signing up as a member, she has gained plenty in friendships and self-confidence. “The trainers have become more than trainers, they’ve become friends,” she says.

Maluorni, 39, a NICU nurse at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, often gets in her workout right after her shift, which is when most of us are just starting our workdays. She works 12-hour night shifts, and then makes her way over to 30 Minute Hit about four times a week.

In 2014, Maluorni got her black belt in Karate, but then fell out of the habit of exercising regularly. “I had gained some weight and was tired all the time,” she says. “I didn’t feel good about myself and I needed to do something about it.”

A co-worker at the hospital introduced her to the concept of the 30 Minute Hit, a high intensity boxing and kickboxing circuit designed just for women, with 13 individual stations for women to kick, punch and fight their way to better health and fitness. The entire circuit is completed in 30 minutes, and allows women to torch calories and get a full body workout.

Maluorni enjoys the welcoming and encouraging atmosphere of 30 Minute Hit, and the fact that the quick and effective workout eliminates excuses for not getting in regular exercise. A small area designated for children to play while the women do their circuit makes it even more acces- sible to moms who have young children not yet in school, or who may need to have them tag along in the after-school hours.

“Once you start to feel better about yourself, your whole outlook on life changes. You’re stronger physically, mentally, you sleep better at night...It’s just 30 minutes,” says Maluorni. “If I can find the time to do it, anyone can find the time!”

Maluorni urges women to take an appointment for a free trial at 30 Minute Hit to experience what it’s all about. “Just do it,” she says. “The trainers are fantastic, easy to relate to, down to earth, no one’s judging you...all the women there are inspiring and empowering in their own way.” Maluorni says the trainers have a unique blend of being respectful of your fitness level while also knowing how to push you to where you want to go.

Now that she has regained her health and confidence, Maluorni feels that it makes her a better parent to her three children, while at the same time setting a positive example for them. “Anyone can do this workout,” she says. “You have nobody to impress but yourself. When you’re done that workout, a fist bump from your trainer at the Hit will make your day!”