Laurus Laval Camp offers a unique experience for children wanting to make new friends, discover new passions, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Entering its second year of operations in Laval – preceded by seven years of operation in Montreal – Laurus Laval is based out of Hillcrest Academy, which is conveniently located right off Autoroute 13.

The age range of campers is between three and 15 years old. This summer, they will be introducing their new C.I.T. Program. This program prepares teens for their first-ever work experience by offering CV workshops, inviting young entrepreneurs to offer insight into their world, and much more.

Laurus Laval offers a unique Specific Training Area experience, where each child receives a 75-minute period of focused skill building per day, whether it be in art, academics or sports. There’s something for everyone at Laurus.

In addition to specializing in skill building activities, Laurus Laval also offers a wonderful guest speaker program. Every week, different guest speakers will show up on site to raise awareness about their experience in various aspects of life. From a cancer survivor to an Olympian or a member of law enforcement, children will have a chance to listen and chat with all the guest speakers.

Speaking of guests, Laurus Laval also hosts Zumba and Yoga courses once a week to help promote a more active lifestyle. The Laurus philosophy values a well-balanced lifestyle and a well-rounded experience.

All staff members at Laurus are students with various backgrounds in education. All are CPR and First Aid certified and equipped with the tools necessary to deal with any issues that may come up. Issues can include separation anxiety, various forms of bullying – to which Laurus has a zero-tolerance policy – and much more to ensure the safest experience for your children. They do so by maintaining an impressive one-to-five counsellor to camper ratio, which means each child receives a personalized experience.

To top it all off, Laurus does a great job of giving back to their community. They host several events geared towards raising funds for several organizations, open their doors to new Canadian families and offer a wonderful integration program.

Laurus Laval has a March Break Camp and a Summer Camp. To find out more, visit their website or call them at (514) 600-0504. Laurus Laval guarantees an experience full of smiles, laughter, and sprinkles on some fun learning in between!