Since April 2017 and via its bylaw regarding animals, the City of Laval has taken over several aspects of animal control and welfare.

The philosophy behind this bylaw is mainly to ensure citizen safety and to foster a sense of responsibility in pet owners, all in harmony with animal welfare. Therefore, apart from loving their animals, pet owners must also acquit themselves of certain responsibilities.

How to Ensure Your Pet's Welfare
An animal is a being of sensitivity with a biological imperative. In order to ensure its welfare, you must make sure that:

  • It has access to drinking water and sufficient good quality food;
  • It is kept in a clean, sanitary and convenient area;
  • It is transported safely inside a vehicle;
  • It is protected against excessive heat and cold and bad weather;
  • It is not subject to abuse or mistreatment which may affect its health;
  • It is not exposed to conditions that cause anxiety and suffering;
  • It is not confined to a closed unventilated and poorly lit space.

Do You Make Your Pet Wait for You in the Car? Did you know that the temperature inside a car parked in the sun rises quickly during the days of sweltering summer heat and that a dog left in the car can die of heat stroke? In order to ensure your pet’s welfare, it is prohibited to leave an animal unattended inside a vehicle for more than 10 minutes when the outside temperature is below -10 ˚C or above 20 ˚C. Furthermore, regardless of temperature, the windows must be partially lowered at all times.

Restraining Equipment and Collars
If keeping your pet tied down, the equipment you use, ex: chains or cord, must not, under any circumstance, risk getting jammed, caught or retracting, in a way to inflict discomfort or pain on the animal. These items must allow for movement without danger. Furthermore, animals cannot be tied down for over 12 consecutive hours per day. In addition, it is forbidden to use any type of collar that can obstruct breathing, hurt, or injure the animal, such as prong collars or shock collars. It is also forbidden to use a choke collar when the dogs are tied down.

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