Reading to your children is one of the most valuable ways to spend time with your little ones. Looking for a new book to help your child learn more about the world around them? Here’s a new one you won’t want to miss.

No Bears Allowed is a book about acceptance, friendship and overcoming fear – written by one of Laval Families Magazine’s own writers, Lydia Lukidis! As a children’s author, Lukidis says her goal is to help children develop empathy as they grow. “In a world where people often judge one another and don't tend to listen to one another, we can all learn a thing or two from the two main characters, Bear and Rabbit,” Lukidis explains.

As a mother herself, Lukidis has devoted her career to children’s literacy. “My other mandate as a writer is to promote literacy, and I regularly give writing workshops in elementary schools across Quebec as part of the Culture in the Schools Program organized by the Ministre de Culture et Communications Québec,” she says.

Lukidis is passionate about writing books for children and is particularly proud of this most recent publication. Lukidis focuses her work around themes she believes are important to children, long before writing in the characters. “I knew the story would be about the power of friendship, andthe importance of not judging others or letting our fears govern our actions. Bear and Rabbit are different, sure, but they eventually learn they have more in common than they ever thought,” she says.

Lukidis is proud to see her dream come to fruition, but her book really only has one clear goal. “I really wanted to write a book that helps promote empathy. Especially in today's world, I think it's critical. The way to deal with bullying, I think, is to cultivate empathy. It's about learning to see things from the other person's – or in this case, animal's – point of view,” she explains. “My hope is that No Bears Allowed helps encourage self-awareness and kindness. If it affects just one child's pre-conceived notions, then my job is done!”

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