As Antonio Musumeci blows out his 90th birthday candles he takes the time to admire the splendor of his work, his family and his legacy that he passes on to the four generations of his family and Patisserie St-Martin.

The cake’s theme is the blue delivery truck that Antonio used to drive around town when he was just 28 years old, delivering his baked goods and breads to his customers. The bakery has been his life, his legacy which he has passed down to the four generations of his family, his wife Caterina, his daughter Maria, his sons Sam, Joe/Joey, his grandson Joe Jr and soon one day his great-grandson, Joey Jr.

Antonio opened Pâtisserie Aurora in 1958, in which he passionately shared his authentic, Italian recipes with the Montreal community. His recipes were passed down to his children, who were inspired by his strong work ethic, his ability to transform the business into a reality and his dedication to his clients. His son Joe shared his father’s vision and opened the bakery in Laval in 1988, named Pâtisserie St-Martin.

It’s All in the Family
Antonio, affectionately called “Nonno Tarrali” by everyone at the bakery, is still attending to Pâtisserie St-Martin’s recipes, coaching his employees, conversing with them as the bake and treating them all like they are family. He still goes to the bakery every day, seven days a week, to supervise his employees, to see how the recipes unfold and to talk to the customers. “Some of the employees look at my father as their grandfather, the nonno of the bakery. He is here every single day, rain or shine. He loves talking with the employees and we proudly call ourselves the PSTM Family. My father extends his love and affection through his recipes to his employees and his customers,” says Maria Musumeci, his daughter, who attends to the bakery with her brother Joe.

The Best Cannoli
In August 2017, during Italian week in Montreal, Pâtisserie St-Martin took home the prize for the Best Cannoli recipe with Antonio’s original recipe. The competition was fierce in Littly Italy. Pâtisserie St-Martin was also the first bakery outside of the island of Montreal to win the competition.

Traditions & Values
The Pâtisserie St-Martin family is indeed an extension of the family. Caterina, Antonio’s wife, is 85 years old and still lovingly moulds the Italian cookies with her arthritic fingers. Joe is the sole owner of the Pâtisserie St-Martin in Duvernay, but his son, Joe Jr, has expanded the tradition of Pâtisserie St-Martin to Little Italy, at Jean-Talon Market. Most recently, Joe Jr had a baby which he named Joey, continuing his family legacy. Every member of the family works with the bakery in some way. Maria works at the bakery every day with her father, mother and brothers and she also provides a personalized catering service for life events as they celebrate life moments with their clients and their families.

Pâtisserie St-Martin has built their business on the values of family, seeing that they have always been conducting the business with their family. From the start, they have taught their employees that by working with PSTM family, they become part of the family. The customers are always greeted with a welcomed, personalized approach and a sense of belonging.

Come by the Bakery
Come by and see for yourself that Pâtisserie St-Martin is all about traditional, Italian recipes and excellent, personalized service provided by all members of the family. Come try their superb Italian pastries and baked goods and see if you can get a glimpse of Nonno Tarrali and say hello. He will be glad to see you and personally welcome you to the bakery, along with the PSTM family. Pâtisserie St-Martin is the place to pick up Italian delicacies in Laval, and they not only offer baked goods but also catering, ready to eat meals, Italian sauces, pizzas and imported, fine grocery specialities.

Part of the Community
Pâtisserie St-Martin is also known to give back to the community in order to help with local charities that support women and children, specifically supporting those who provide resources to further support happiness and serenity to those suffering from domestic violence.