Electric buses have been rolling through the streets of Laval since spring. To purchase more electric buses, the STL must expand its facilities to operate these greener vehicles.

Transportation electrification is a meaningful solution to fight climate change. For every public transit agency such as the STL, this is a critical technological revolution. Switching from diesel to electric buses entails many changes in terms of maintenance, schedule planning, driver training and garage equipment.

Also, to keep developing a network with more bus lines and greater bus frequency, we will need more buses. As the garage on Francis-Hughes Avenue is already a tight fit for the STL fleet, an expansion is planned by 2025. This is the largest infrastructure project for electric buses in Quebec. The STL will increase its space by 50% by adding another 19,000 m2. This includes 145 parking spaces to accommodate electric buses and a 20 MW electrical service entrance that will be four times the power supply for the Bell Centre.

STGM and SidLee Architecture were chosen to draw up these expansion plans. These two partnering firms were tasked with devising an expansion that focuses on the innovative spirit of the STL and its employees. During and after the expansion, the STL must continue to deliver a bus service that meets the quality commitment made to its users.

The new garage, specially designed for this type of vehicle, will allow the STL to only purchase electric buses with the aim of withdrawing all diesel and hybrid buses from the road by 2040. The STL’s technological revolution will then be completed and its GHG emissions will be drastically cut as every electric bus would reduce GHG emissions by 70 to 80 tonnes per year. For Laval residents, this means a clean, comfortable and quiet service that allows everyone to take part in sustainable development.

You can now learn about the work and achievements by the people behind all the logistics required to operate these buses. The STL’s new podcast (in French) gives you insight into its daily routine and explains several public transit topics, such as vehicle maintenance and driver assignment. Prochain arrêt : un balado de la STL is available on the usual audio platforms: Balado Québec, Spotify, Google podcast and Apple podcast.