An employment counsellor is a professional who can help you with all aspects of your employment search. Helpful and skilled, he or she can offer you valuable advice and career planning.

The workforce has changed, and both employers and candidates are looking high and low for the perfect fit. There is help for those of you looking for your dream job, and it’s available in just a few clicks.

Have you sent out your resumé to various employers but not heard back? In your interviews, are you giving vague and abstract answers that aren’t charming recruiters? It’s likely that you don’t know how to “sell yourself” in a job interview. Your job search efforts aren’t working out and you’re becoming discouraged. Coaching can help you optimize your chances of finding the right employment for you.

Placement Assisté is a free service that offers personalized support with one-to-one meetings so that you can learn, integrate and apply the best job search strategies. Here are just a few of the topics we cover in the meetings:

  •  Clearly define a precise employment objective;
  •  Write your resumé and cover letter;
  •  Create a strategic profile on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.);
  • Develop a network of contacts and potential employers;
  • Prepare for interviews and apply improvement techniques;
  •  Develop the art of communication, putting your best foot forward and negotiating, all while demonstrating the value of your experience’
  • Accompaniment and coaching in job search activities;
  • Acquire confidence in answering delicate questions.
That said, job searching goes beyond what’s listed above. Documents are important, but personality plays a large role as well. I’m inspired by a quote from American entrepreneur Seth Godin: “If you want an extraordinary job, then be extraordinary.” Personality and know-how play a primordial role in finding employment. At the end of the day, it’s your attitude that makes the difference in your professional journey. If skills are at the heart of the post, know-how is its essence.

If you’re struggling, develop a marketer’s reflexes: learn to analyse what’s blocking you and above all, don’t take anything personally. Get creative in standing out from other candidates and it goes without saying…dare to dream big!

Let us help you in the most important process of your life—finding your dream job. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment by visiting our website at Groupe Priorité Travail is an organization offering personalized and professional employment search services for unemployed Laval residents.