There, it's decided, I get back in shape. This is something we hear very often. We all know that it's important to exercise regularly. However, motivation is not always at its highest. "Hop life" days where everything goes well are rare. So do not wait for the day when the energy level is at its peak.

Motivation makes us start, but it's habit that keeps us going.
Once you have started, then how do you persevere? Leave traces: write down information about your exercise sessions. Exercise time per session, number of kilometers, etc. This way you will see your progress. Everything we do counts! Routine helps to be diligent but people tend to define routine as a beige and boring thing. We must not wait, because there will always be something else to do that seems to us at this precise moment "more important"; washing, cleaning, television, reading, etc... Routine is important and requires discipline and regularity. You have to take control of your agenda and structure your day – even when you're retired. We must not let ourselves be managed by everyday life. Of course, there may always be situations beyond our control, such as helping an urgent friend, a child, a sick parent or spouse who needs to be taken care of. Overall, when our routine is well planned and set up, it's easier because we know where we're going.

A matter of habit and adaptation
It is more difficult to do physical activity occasionally than several times a week on a regular basis. It is also a question of adaptation. We have to choose the moment that suits us best. There are no good or bad times in the day; It depends on each person. In general, few will persevere in an exercise program by choosing a time of day when they are tired. For example, some people are unable to be effective early in the morning.

Choose the right activity
A winning formula: try the experience of practicing an activity with a friend. In this regard, know how to choose someone who has the same goals, the same level of fitness and substantially the same tastes as you, otherwise it will be an unpleasant experience for both. So know how to plan your days and your week and choose the activity that suits you.

Do what you love!

ACSM's guide to exercise and cancer survivorship Lebed Davis, Sherry.  In great shape after cancer.
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