While doing business in Quebec may present certain challenges, particularly for those who do not speak French, it also offers several unique opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Here are 7 key benefits of doing business in Quebec:

1. Market size and diversity
Quebec is the second most populous province, its diversity and economy are vibrant—a recipe for growth. Between 2001 and 2019, Quebec City registered the fastest growth of real GDP per work-age person, and Montreal came in third; meaning two of the three top-growth cities are in Quebec. Robust social capital, smart investments, and a strong local identity are the difference-makers.

2. Bilingual workforce
For businesses looking to serve both French and English-speaking markets, this is everything. Employing a bilingual workforce offers endless opportunities. Bonus: much of this workforce has a postsecondary education. In Quebec City, we’re talking 82.9% of people 25 to 54—the highest percentage in Canada.

3. Cultural vibrancy
Quebec has a fantastically rich cultural scene: this means countless festivals, a burgeoning arts scene, and diverse entertainment. Any business that aligns with and/or contributes to the cultural vibrancy of the province is likely to stumble upon a receptive audience in the province, as well as unique marketing potential.

4. Innovation ecosystem
Quebec offers sectors like aerospace, life sciences, and information technology meaningful R&D support. Did you know that Quebec has the highest ratio of R&D researchers in Canada, with 10.2 per 1000 people employed? The province also benefits from numerous incubators and accelerators dedicated to startups.

5. Government support programs
Quebec offers numerous government support programs and incentives to encourage businesses at all stages of development. These include grants, tax credits, and subsidies designed to stimulate economic growth across industries. The result? More entrepreneurs being able to start and grow their businesses!

6. Strategic location
Quebec serves as a gateway to several major European and North American markets. The province’s strategic location offers the benefit of proximity to the American market, maritime access to Europe, and new opportunities to explore Asia. For businesses who do international trade, this is a clear win.

7. Tourism opportunities
Quebec attracts many tourists annually thanks to its cultural attractions (i.e., the Montreal Jazz Festival), historic sites (i.e., the oldest buildings in Canada), and natural beauty galore (i.e., the Laurentians). Entrepreneurs in the tourism and hospitality sector enjoy ample opportunities to cater to local and international visitors alike.

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