Is your child’s birthday coming up? We've got tons of ideas for you! In Laval, you’ll find everything you need from climbing, jumping, surfing, flying, racing, learning, to more artsy experiences like sewing, crafting and cooking. Host an original party your kids will forever remember and their friends will talk about it for a long time.

Broaden Their Scientific and Technological Horizons
Sure, it’s a birthday party, but why not combine fun and education? This will awaken your child’s interest in science and technology at the same time. Leading a virtual space mission, exploring various career paths, discovering the secrets behind the process of drinking water, learning about the chemistry behind bread, or even understanding blood cells, are only a handful of possibilities!

Offer Them a Breath of Fresh Air
Don’t feel like staying indoors? Laval’s parks are the perfect place to spend birthdays with family and friends while enjoying the great outdoors and everything nature has to offer. After all, what can be more exciting than exploring the animal kingdom in its natural habitat?

Hang On for Some Extreme Fun
Too much pent-up energy? Organize a party where the kids can flip, jump and slam-dunk until they drop, tame the waves no matter the season, put on a harness and climb to the top, grab a racket for some healthy competition, test their driving skills, or even walk a tightrope! Let your little stuntmen loose for hours and hours of superhero fun. Laval promises challenges for kids of all ages!

Let Creativity Run Wild
The future generation of Picassos will love our various artsy party ideas. For example, why not add some bling to upcycled materials while creating new dazzling purses? Or for your teenagers, cooking workshops are an excellent way to learn how to become great hosts!

Jump into Action no Matter Your Age
Plan your special day around feats of all sorts such as tunnels and slides or gigantic swings. Aim for a hole-in-one on the green or hit a homerun to impress friends and family. Adventures like the glow-in-the-dark challenge are sure to keep your kids asking for more!

No matter what activity your children choose for their big day, rest assured that you will all have loads of fun at one of Laval’s party ventures!

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Happy birthday!

Académie Culinaire (13+)
Action 500 Karting & Paintball (3+)
C.I.EAU (Water Interpretation Centre) (all ages)
Club de trampoline Acrosport Barani (4+)
Collège Montmorency (all ages)
Cosmodôme/Camp Spatial Canada (5 and older)
Coup Sûr! (all ages)
Escalade Clip 'n Climb (3+)
Falakolo par Textil’Art (all ages)
Funtropolis (all ages)
ISaute (all ages)
Jungle Aventure (all ages)
Maeva Surf (over 42 inches tall)
Musée Armand-Frappier (all ages)
Musée pour Enfants (2 to 8 y. old)
Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles (all ages)
Putting Edge (all ages)
SkyVenture Laval-Montréal (4+)
Tennis 13 (6+)
Trapèze Le Voltigeur (7+)