Many parents start to think if it is beneficial for their child to start going to pre-school at the tender age of two. How is this decision, for any parent easy to make?

As parents we all know it is important for our children to explore and learn; but, our parental instincts sometimes holds us back because all we want to do is protect and nurture our children. As the Director of the Centre du Sablon Educational Pre-school in Chomedey Laval, I feel every child should have the best of both worlds! The beauty of our program at Centre du Sablon Educational Pre-school is that you have the luxury of choosing 2, 3 or 5 days a week of school. If your child is 2 years old (before Sept. 30th of that year), I recommend a 3 day a week routine of school (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). This way, your child will get used to a routine; but, still get time with mommy or daddy.

The benefits of enrolling your child in a pre-school at the early age of 2 are enormous! At our school we have a bilingual program that focuses on education, socialization and gross motor activities.

Your child will learn new concepts such as pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-math skills in English and French. As well, be introduced to hundreds of themes (holidays, seasons, colors, animals, human body, planets, safety, environment, and more…). Learning how to socialize is the biggest positive any little mind will be exposed to. They will get a first time experience of a classroom setting. Little tasks such

as listening to the teacher, sitting down during carpet time, choosing a toy during free play, sharing with others, dealing with conflict, learning proper manners, learning independence, decision making skills and so on…will all be learned! Your child will also create new friendships that may last a lifetime! We give the children many opportunities during the day to use their gross motor and fine motor abilities and

to explore activities that promote self expression. These lucky kids get to look forward to sports in our gymnasium, music and movement in our mirrored dance studio, play time in our mini gym and outdoor playground. The children can also participate in educational walks in our beautiful eco friendly backyard and new nature path. Eventually, when the children are enrolled in our 3 year old class, they can look forward to our indoor swimming pool!

All our educators are mom’s themselves who are caring, creative and run a clean and organized classroom. They are all well trained in the area of pre-school education and provide you with daily updates on your child’s progress and an extensive evaluation report 3 times a year.

So, the advantages of sending your child to pre-school at the age of 2 hopefully give parents reasons to make their decision an easy one!

Getting them used to a routine and separating from mom or dad will definitely help with their transition to Kindergarten. Parents can all look forward to seeing their child’s excitement when mommy or daddy picks them up from school. Simply, if you feel that knowledge, socialization and physical activity are important factors in your child’s life, then preschool at 2 is for you!

For more information about Centre du Sablon Educational Pre-school, please contact Susie Nemes Family Life Co-ordinator at 450-688-8961 ext. 226 or at