Laval’s first English television show is already making waves since its launch last February on TVRL09. Not only is it a first for the station, but also for the Laval community—a show for them, about them, and by them.

The weekly show is animated by Luigi Morabito and Sammie-Lyne Rompré, and on average, each episode welcomes three guests from the community, citizens and/or experts on various topics such as health, education, the arts, senior living, youth, community organizations, spirituality and much more. Recent episodes have featured city councillors and even the Mayor of Laval, Marc Demers.

In the youth sector, the show also regularly features children and teens doing extraordinary things, such as Jack Hickman, a 13-year-old who is the spokesperson for the Juvenile Arthritis Society. Selina Cifelli, a secondary V student at Laval Senior Academy, appeared on the show to discuss her experience as a winner of the Laval Families Magazine Young Authors Contest and her recent experience interviewing CBC’s Sabrina Marandola.

The humorous banter between Morabito and Rompré make you feel as though you are having a coffee in their living room, while making new acquaintances and learning about positive developments in your city. Viewers can expect more exciting guests on future episodes, some blooper reels on social media, and possibly some in-depth TV specials on issues and topics important to all of us in our city.

Do you know someone who would make a great guest on the show, or an important community story that you would like to see featured? Send us an e-mail at and tell us what you think!

Stay tuned to the social media platforms of TVRL09 and the Laval Families TV Show for special announcements, show teasers and more, and be sure to subscribe on YouTube if you are not already a Videotron subscriber.