The best relationship advice I can give is this; Find your life purpose to uncover the meaning of your life. Do this and you'll solve your relationship problems. Oh, and you'll be happier, healthier, live longer, and have a more successful life. All from one important, though non-trivial accomplishment, of finding your true purpose in life.

The experts of positive psychology research have confirmed the important role that relationships play in our lives. They find that people with satisfying relationships are happier, healthier, live longer, and are more successful. Relationships—strong relationships—are important to human well-being.

Socializing and Counseling

If you're looking for true love in your life, shouldn't you just socialize more, getting out and looking for Mr. or Ms. Right? Not necessarily. If you're not clear on whom you are and are not living in accordance with your life purpose, you may simply attract Mr. or Ms. Wrong. Has this been happening in your life?

If you have a strained relationship with a significant other, isn't counseling the best approach to improving things? Maybe, maybe not. If the counselor helps you both understand who you are and what you value in life, then yes, this is a good approach. And that's exactly what's involved in finding your life purpose—looking inward and coming to clarity about whom you are, what you value, and what's important to you.

Life Purpose Improves Relationships

Why does the path to great relationships go through your life purpose?

Three words; Authenticity is attractive.

When you are true to who you are you attract the right people, people who are meant to complement your life. If you're familiar with the Law of Attraction you know that we attract people and circumstances of similar energy vibration to ourselves. Our thoughts, actions, and overall behaviors generate energy waves of a certain vibration or frequency. Positive thoughts, actions, and behaviors generate higher frequency vibrations than negative ones.

We attract those most like who we are being. But if who we are being is a facade, not really who we are, but who we think we should be, we'll attract those to us with core values and beliefs complementing the facade. While the initial attraction may be strong, over time the relationship will falter because of these differences.

If you've been attracting all the wrong kinds of people, maybe it's because they're attracted to the false you, the facade you've erected—perhaps unknowingly—that's masking the real you.

The Real You is Very Attractive

There's probably nothing more attractive to others than authenticity. When you are aligned with your authentic self, the energy you send out is extremely attractive and very powerful. Those attracted to you will be strong matches to who you are, sharing similar values and beliefs—which is very important to strong and lasting relationships.

Final Touches

Strengthening and maintaining relationships is an ongoing process. You’re not finished when you’ve attracted the right people to complement your life. Keeping relationships strong and productive requires ongoing commitment to generous listening, open, honest, and caring communication, and avoiding the bad habits that can damage relationships.

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