"By ascending Mount Washington, these two Lavalists help raise awareness of the fight against conjugal violence, a struggle still very necessary." Marc Demers

Laval, Monday, June 26, 2017 - Mayor of Laval, Marc Demers, accompanied by Mrs. Sandra Desmeules, welcomed in a press conference this afternoon, the determination and courage of two women who will challenge Mount Washington to raise public awareness of the many problems caused by conjugal violence.

"Mrs. Sammie-Line and Mrs. Betty Van De Ligt are doing a meritorious action to change things and convey a message of hope from the heights of Mount Washington. You will understand that I am joining the shelter Le Prélude to applaud and encourage the EmpoWomen2 The Top mission, "said Mayor Demers this afternoon, saying he is deeply convinced that much remains to be done to fight Conjugal Violence.

The Mount of Washington Mount (Great Spirit Mountain) will take place from July 7 to 9. For Sammie-Line and Betty, the ascent and descent will represent a total hike of more than 14 kilometers. It will be carried out in the climatic conditions, often difficult, of the highest mountain of the whole North-East American, at more than 1,900 meters of altitude.

The acuity of domestic violence is reflected in several statistics followed over the years[1]. For example, in 2014, Quebec police services recorded 18,746 offenses against the person committed in a conjugal context. This is one quarter of all crimes committed against the person. In terms of spousal violence, it should be recalled that women are the main victims (78.5<>percentage<>). For kidnappings and homicides, they represent 100<>percentage<> of the victims.

"These two Lavalists support the cause of the fight in helping the victims of conjugal violence by raising awareness of the population. They want to change things through their action and come to support the Maison le Prélude. With its staff, this house remains a leading organization to help and protect the victims of this scourge, unfortunately still too present in our society, "concluded Sandra Desmeules, member of the executive committee and city councilor of Concorde-Bois-de- Boulogne. -30-

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[1] Source ; http;//www.securitepublique.gouv.qc.ca/police/publications-et-statistiques/statistiques/violence-conjugale/2014.html