Shin guards in place, bandana in hair, as they lace up their cleats, these young ladies understand hard work and perseverance. When everyone else has them down and out, revival is not out of reach as they decide their own destiny. Their ultimate goal of becoming a AAA team remains the factor that drives them collectively.

Who are they, you may ask? Yasmine Boukhalfa, Cettina Cammalleri, Julia Caputo, Julia Colombo, Brianna D’Ermo, Lea Davilmar, Jessica Droghini, Julia Fabrizi, Emma Fleming, Jasmine Garcia, Ilma Neljkovic, Sabrina Préval Gentile, Sara Marcantonio, Maxim Sanschagrain, Amelia Starnino, and Maya Tosson are the sixteen names that make up the lineup of this young Étoiles de l’Est U13F AA team.

As they continue to train and develop on and off the pitch, there is a sense of pride and motivation that drives each and every player to become better for themselves, for their teammates, for their coaching staff and for their parents, who continuously dedicate their time and encouragement to their children’s success.

Many of these girls have been playing soccer since the age of four. Many have been together since that young age, while others have joined along the way.

Regardless of where the girls come from, once the red and blue striped jersey goes on, they are proud to wear the colours of Étoiles de l’Est, where a program developed to help athletes challenge themselves and improve technically are at the heart of its conception. Qualified and certified staff and coaches are always present and eager to help these young ladies reap the benefits of the training sessions and constantly motivating them to achieve better.

Have there been struggles? Of course there have; progress is a result of struggle and that is exactly what this team is experiencing. Progress and the will to continue striving for success is the moto of this young group of girls who believe in themselves individually and believe in each other as a whole. Last March, the team headed to Seacoast United Soccer Club Premier Invitational tournament in New Hampshire, USA.

The unit is only as strong as each member. Will this be the Cinderella team of the 2017 season? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain, these athletes will not be leaving anything to chance!